1. Course: BA Communication Research
2. Favorite book:The Hunger Games- it was the first book that got me addicted to reading YA novels.
3. Favorite movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel- I just love the bright pastels and Wes Anderson’s style of cinematography.

4. Favorite media practitioner: Anthony Bourdain- well he’s a chef but he does have a career in the media (books, articles, and TV shows). His commentaries are always so blunt yet somehow poetic which gives proper homage to the countries/cultures being featured on his show Parts Unknown.

5. My favorite song of all time would be Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. The song gets me hyped and pumped for my classes.

6. Favorite meal: I love food. Particularly Japanese food. Ramen, sushi, maki. ❤

7. Hobbies: I like learning about photography and digital art.


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